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Aero Defense LogisticsSupplier of Military Spare Parts and Supplies for the U.S Government

We are a proud supporter of Wounded Warrior Project.

Procurement, Logistics and Sourcing Services

We simplify your procurement process with global access to Manufacturers, Distributors and Surplus Suppliers.

Global Logistics

Our first Quality Objective is 99% On-time Delivery. Our goal is to deliver a minimum of 99% of our shipments on time to our customers and enable them to see significant transportation savings while receiving best-in-class service.


We support all aerospace electronic, mechanical, and structural components and part numbers.


We support semiconductor, passive, electro mechanical and connector products and part numbers.


We support all military electronic, mechanical, and structural components and part numbers.

Why Aero Defense Logistics?

  • Military & Commercial Aerospace Components
  • Passives, Electromechanical & Connectors
  • Surplus hard to find Aircraft & Helicopter parts
  • Surplus hard to find & Obsolete Components
  • Government Logistics
  • And so much more...
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